A+ Savings

Each student participating in the Peoples Bank A+ Savings Plan must open and maintain a savings account at Peoples Bank. A parent or guardian must open the savings account with the student/customer unless the student/customer is 18 years of age. If a savings account already exists at Peoples Bank, it will be sufficient, and a new account will not have to be opened.

Students in grades 2-8 in Waynesboro and Hohenwald and in grades 7-12 in Clifton receive $1 per A (up to five) each grading period. They also receive $10 for perfect attendance each grading period.

Withdrawals on accounts may only be made at Peoples Bank, and the free deposit made by Peoples Bank must stay in the savings account at least one six- or nine-week period following the free deposit being made. Personal deposits made by the student/customer or parent/guardian may be withdrawn at any time by the student/customer.

To receive the A+ deposits, each student must present his/her respective report card to one of the employees at Peoples Bank in Clifton, Waynesboro, or Hohenwald. This must be done at the end of each six- or nine-week period. We can only give you the A+ deposit for the two most current six- or nine-week periods.

Students receiving the $10.00 attendance deposit cannot be absent, tardy, or may not leave school early (other than for school purposes), whether it is excused or unexcused. The attendance deposit will be for each six- or nine-week period.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact Peoples Bank:

931-676-3311, 931-722-3608, or 931-796-3777.

Students must bring their Social Security Card and Birth Certificate. Parents must bring their driver's license and one other form of I.D. Please call one of our customer service representatives for more information on these accounts, including any fees you may be charged to own this account.

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