Online Banking Settings Guide

If you are answering the challenge questions repeatedly on your personal computer, we have tips for you to help your online banking experience be more smooth.  If you are using a public computer, do not use these steps.  The settings below are for use on your personal private computer only.  The added security of the questions helps to block access for anyone trying to gain access to your account maliciously.  
Our online banking utilizes "cookies."  Cookies are small text files that websites place on the computers and mobile devices of people who visit those websites.  These files are then read by the website each time you return to the site. These text files allow a website to remember your device and how you interacted with the website, which is useful in making your online login process easier.  Our security settings require challenge questions if there is no "cookie" on your device.
When you are logging into your online banking, if you are prompted for the Security Challenge Questions, be sure to check the box "Don't challenge me on this computer" to allow a cookie to be placed in your browser so it will recognize your personal computer.  Once this box is checked it should stop asking for the challenge questions.  If not, please follow the steps below.

If you are still being prompted to answer the Security Challenge Questions, please check your Internet Explorer Settings.  Go to the Tools Menu, Internet Options.
From there, look under the General Tab.  If you see a check mark in the "Delete browsing history on exit" box, remove the check.  (This setting will remove the "cookie" our online banking placed on the computer and cause you to be prompted for Security Questions repeatedly.) 
While in the Internet Options Menu, click on the Privacy Tab and be sure you have a Low to Medium setting on your Internet Zone.  This will allow your computer to accept cookies from our website to identify it as your home computer with a "cookie" and it will not prompt for those Security Challenge Questions.
The steps above are only general tips and information on the use of cookies to allow a private personal computer to recognize you for online banking.  These should never be used on any public computer.  Peoples Bank is not offering any substitute technical advise or responsible for any changes that may affect your computer system.  If you need further assistance with your PC, please seek a qualified technician in your area for troubleshooting.