Our Values and History

Change is a way of life for bankers.


As the circumstances of the banking environment change, so will our bank. Peoples Bank holds certain core values that are not subject to change, values that explain what we stand for and why we exist.

Our bank is made up of honest people who seek customers who share the same values. This bank is all about quality customer service. We exist solely to take care of the financial needs of our customers. There is no other basis for our existence. The needs of our customers will be the first consideration in everything we do.

Senior management views the bank’s employees as family. We take care of our customers, our employees, and our families. We are loyal to and protective of our employees, and we expect them to be loyal to and protective of the bank.

We are a product of our community and leader of our community, and we take its needs seriously. We will never do anything intentionally that goes against the best interest of the communities in which we serve. To do otherwise would violate a sacred trust. Since the bank was formed on August 28, 1890, we have changed and grown to meet the needs of its namesake, the people of Wayne County. We occupied the "Bank" building on Main Street in Clifton from 1904 to 1966. The directors of the bank voted to become a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) at its meeting on June 27, 1935, and we continue our membership to this day. In 1966, the bank moved across the street to the existing bank building on Main Street. In 1979, the bank established a full-service branch office in Waynesboro on Highway 64 East. In October 2006 we added a full-service branch in Hohenwald. In August of 2022 we added another branch in Collinwood. Then in June 2023 we added a branch in Summertown. Thanks to our customers we continue to grow, with the purpose of serving the needs of our community.

We are a for-profit business that is a part of a capitalistic society, and we are proud of it! Our purpose in life is to make a profit from rendering quality service to customers. This means that we balance the needs of customers, employees, and our community in ways that will allow us to make a profit. Peoples Bank will remain profitable through its second century by delivering that same high quality service customers expect.