Wall of Fame Scholarship

Developed and Sponsored by Peoples Bank



With ever-increasing advances in technology, there is more need than ever for top performance in our personal and academic lives. In the united search for the development and reward of all-around excellence, the Wayne, Lewis County, and Summertown high schools and the Peoples Bank have combined efforts to introduce the “Wall of Fame” to students. We feel this program will encourage all seniors to attempt to earn the honor of being a “Wall of Fame” honoree and will establish itself as a goal to be reached for future seniors.

What is the Wall of Fame?

It is a school-year long program designed to recognize and reward the best, all-around seniors at our high schools. A select committee at each school, which includes the principal, a counselor, and one teacher from grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, will evaluate each senior from the beginning of school through the first week of April on specific criteria. During the latter part of April, five graduating seniors from each school will become “Wall of Fame” honorees. Photographs and honors information will be displayed for a full year on a special “Wall of Fame” at the Peoples Bank in Waynesboro, Hohenwald, Clifton, and Summertown and at the Collinwood Public Library. Media announcements and ads will honor each recipient. Four college scholarships will be awarded among the nominees, one from each high school. A committee will choose recipients of the scholarship through an interview process. This committee will be composed of community members and will be coordinated through the Board of Education.

Why have a program recognizing an all-around student?

The reason is simple. Encouragement and recognition are strong motivators, and everyone needs these qualities. Historically, most recognition given to students over the years has been for athletic or academic excellence. The well-rounded student, who maintains a solid academic standing and often shows the skills that lead to accomplishment and success in life, is sometimes overlooked. The “Wall of Fame” was conceived to encourage and reward such students.

Criteria for the “Wall of Fame”*

The criteria, developed by the high school faculty after discussions with Peoples Bank officials, are as follows:

  • Dependability- The greater ability is dependability.
  • Attitude- Positive, wholesome
  • Leadership- In school and outside of school
  • Character- Good, honorable
  • School/Civil Participation - School and community
  • Scholarship- A minimum “B” GPA throughout the year
  • Attendance- No more than five (5) excused absences—no unexcused
  • Cooperative- Good team player

School and bank officials strongly agree that any student selected using these criteria is a student whose future appears bright and productive. Such students deserve reward, recognition, and encouragement.

*All eligible students must be enrolled in high schools either in Wayne County, Lewis County, or Summertown High School.