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  • 129 Main Street, Clifton: 931-676-3311 or toll-free at 877-656-3311 or Fax 931-676-5110
  • 210 Dexter Wood Blvd., Waynesboro: 931-722-3608 or Fax 931-722-5200
  • 526 East Main Street, Hohenwald: 931-796-3777 or Fax 931-796-6543
  • 703 Highway 13 South, Collinwood: 931-724-1300 or Fax 931-724-1328

To Report a Lost/Stolen Debit Card: 800-554-8969

For Debit Card Activation or PIN Resets: 800-992-3808

To Report Suspicious Activity on Your Account: Call our Operations Department @ 931-676-3311 or Toll Free 877-656-3311

If you need help with the Security Challenge Questions in the online banking section, please see our Internet Explorer Settings Tips for help with the required settings for your personal device.

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